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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Political Bias rears its head again at the Beeb...

I shall be brief, as I have to go be all bartendery shortly.

The BBC repeatedly refers to the BNP as Right Wing. It equates fascism with the political Right. This is a fallacy. The Nazis, similarly are confused with the Right. This is incorrect. The Nazis were (wait for it) The National Socialist party. Socialist. Anyone get that last word there?



So. The BNP have very similar economic, political, and dare I say it, social policies to those of the now defunct National Socialist Party of Germany circa 1933-1945. The Nazis were actually not that far from the Communists in economic terms - really, Stalin and Hitler would have agreed on quite a lot were it not for their racial loathing of each other - particularly from old Adolf's point of view.

Both were left wing. The BNP, who espouse the same nationalist, protectionist and exclusionist policies of the fascist Nazi party (as well as other loathesome policies formed around a general dislike for anything other than Caucasian Heterosexual Men and their doting stay-at-home Women) are also left-wing. They are Left-Wing Authoritarians.

Will someone in the BBCs political editorial department PLEASE take note of this?

That is all.

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Oranjepan said...

Typically idiotic revisionism.

On those axiomatic scales Nationalism is typically on the right and socialism is typically on the left.

National Socialism is therefore neither left, nor right, but both left and right. In fact most political scientists agree that the Nazis were a particularly virulent form of syncretic ideology.

Syncretic politics attempts to reconcile opposing trends, although it often struggles to maintain coherence.

However there is a separate scale wherein the proposed policies range from the more moderate 'equidistant' centrism, to the most extreme form of solution developed by either side.

As all sane people naturally oppose the extremism of Naziism it is a particular form of propagandising to make oppositional associations which exposes your own suggestibility and also your politicised influences.

It is a real shame that so many people are happy to swallow whole the opinions of the current flavour of the month without any second thoughts. It is not the way to escape the political failures of the past - it is the way to repeat them.